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Master your abilities.


MISSION STATEMENT — To inspire people in turn sparking a healthy lifestyle.

Owned by Mike Salcido, MFITNESS was born out of pure love of exercise, healthy living and eating. It is much more than just lifting weights, logging an hour at the gym or just simply going on a diet. MFITNESS’ philosophy is about Moving your body, Measuring your limits, and Mastering your abilities. Mike’s passion for fitness inspired him to become a wellness coach and change the lives of many. With over 12 years of personal training in Los Angeles County and Pasadena, Mike uses his vast knowledge and experience to design some of the most creative and effective training sessions.


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Weight: Lost 23lbs
Bodyfat: 24% to 7%
Timeframe: 9 months


Weight: Lost 30lbs
Bodyfat: 38% to 25%
Timeframe: 8 months


Weight: Lost 10lbs
Bodyfat: Lost 10%
Timeframe: 3 months


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    28 reviews
    Location: 253 N Vinedo Ave Unit 1 Pasadena, CA 91107 Phone: +16263760296
  • Katya B.

    Katya B.

    I've trained with Mike for 3 months now (did the 36 session Master Program - 3x/week) and at the conclusion of it I'm EXTREMELY happy with the results I've gotten!

    My main goal out of my training was focus on physique and getting my thin/bony/skinny-fat frame more muscular, defined and toned. At the beginning of our work together I showed Mike a photo of what I was looking for physique-wise and now, by the end, we have definitely surpassed that goal which I am beyond excited about!

    Mike did an awesome job not only custom tailoring our sessions to my body/needs but also explained the nutrition aspect of getting the results I was after and steered me towards increasing my food intake which jumpstarted my progress towards getting that lean, defined look I was after.

    Training aside, Mike is very easy going, funny and an overall pleasure to work with! I'll definitely be referring friends/family to him and wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone looking to get into their best shape yet and have fun doing it! Thanks Mike!
  • Elizabeth W.

    Elizabeth W.

    Mike is awesome!!  I highly recommend!!  I have been coming to Mike for a little over 3 months now and I am feeling better about my general overall health and appearance.  I needed a motivator to get me back on track after a lengthy hiatus from exercise and he has done just that - motivated me.  I was feeling very sedentary, lazy and overall "sluggish".  After seeing Mike regularly now for the last 3 months I no longer feel this way and actually look forward to my sessions with him.  He is very open, honest and understanding - things I look for in a trainer or fitness professional.  It is easy to talk to him and work with him.  He is also extremely knowledgeable as he has made this his life's work.  He has suggested a specific meal plan to complement my exercise routine as well as supplements and can answer any questions you have on these topics as well.  I am following his advice inside and outside of the gym and it is definitely working.  I plan to continue with Mike and continue to see amazing results.  I would recommend him to anyone who was looking for a trainer.
  • Jr Z.

    Jr Z.

    Mike is an honest guy who truly truly wants the best for his clients, and knows how to help them achieve their goals.  He is very knowledgeable and can create a work-out that is both fitness and therapy oriented.  Months of Physical therapy couldn't do what 1 month with Mike did, BRING MY KNEE BACK TO NORMAL! No more pain going up and down stairs! After 3+ years of living with pain, Mike was able to help me when doctors couldn't.  I owe it to Mike and to the good reviewers who caught my attention.  I am here paying it forward with this review.  Go see Mike, do what he tells you, you'll be happy!
  • Pauline G.

    Pauline G.

    He's a rock star trainer!!

    I've been training with Mike for six months now. Everyone has been complimenting me on my new figure.

    The proof is in the pudding -- which I have of course cut out of my diet!
  • Valerie T.

    Valerie T.

    My goal was to get acquainted with the gym again and I didn't realize how badly out of shape I was until Mike pushed me to my max each session. I got a good workout every time. I committed to going consistently in huge part due to Mike's communication and scheduling system. He's professional, a good conversationalist, and a really good supporter throughout the workout. Very positive coach with a high level of patience.

    ++ Mike recently invested in the Inbody machine which is a very expensive piece of equipment that calculates your bone mass, lean mass, and body fat %. The results of my test were helpful to me in informing me where I'm at. I've done this test before through my D1 Athletic program and I was impressed Mike is at the state of the art level. I've heard of other gyms charging $25 per test so I'm glad he doesn't charge for this service. For me, this does separate him from other trainers.
  • Lilong S.

    Lilong S.

    I've been training with Mike for about 4 months. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about personal training.  While Im recovering from my knee surgery and other injuries, Mike has tailored training routines and modified the workout to fit my conditions. Now I feel overall stronger and in better shape even than before my surgery!
  • stephani l.

    stephani l.

    I have recently started my fitness journey with Mike, having seen other trainers in the past I have to say he is one of thee most professional trainers I've had! He sets the bar high but does not over over do it and push me to a breaking point! I thoroughly enjoy waking up and going to my sessions and I leave feeling better than when I walked in! I'm excited to see what I will look like by summer time! He also has me on his meal prep service and nutrition plan I follow closely on his app! I'm telling you he is on it and very professional! Thanks Mike!
  • Ruth O.

    Ruth O.

    Mike is an amazing trainer very attentive and informative. He keeps you on track with meal plans, looks into your progress via apps and keeps you on your toes! Whether you are trying to loose 200lbs or if your an athlete trying to stay on your A game he's the one to contact. The gym has a great vibe, and he will kick your ass with his workouts but you will learn to love it because you will start seeing results! I know I will reach my goal and I'll have him to thank!

  • Elizabeth G.

    Elizabeth G.

    If you're looking for an experienced knowledgable  trainer contact Mike!!!  I've been training with him for 6 months now and my results are amazing!!!! His programs and meal plans are tailored to each client and their specific needs!!!  His workouts are killer but you will feel amazing after!!!
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