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Master your abilities.


MISSION STATEMENT — To inspire people in turn sparking a healthy lifestyle.

Owned by Mike Salcido, MFITNESS was born out of pure love of exercise, healthy living and eating. It is much more than just lifting weights, logging an hour at the gym or just simply going on a diet. MFITNESS’ philosophy is about Moving your body, Measuring your limits, and Mastering your abilities. Mike’s passion for fitness inspired him to become a wellness coach and change the lives of many. With over 12 years of personal training in Los Angeles County and Pasadena, Mike uses his vast knowledge and experience to design some of the most creative and effective training sessions.


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Weight: Lost 23lbs
Bodyfat: 24% to 7%
Timeframe: 9 months


Weight: Lost 30lbs
Bodyfat: 38% to 25%
Timeframe: 8 months


Weight: Lost 10lbs
Bodyfat: Lost 10%
Timeframe: 3 months


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    27 reviews
    Location: 253 N Vinedo Ave Unit 1 Pasadena, CA 91107 Phone: +16263760296
  • Charles M.

    Charles M.

    I've always wanted to get into a fitness lifestyle but always gave myself excuses. I wanted to find someone who understood where I came from, my body, and desired goals. I found Mike and he was exactly what I was looking for. He's very personable and takes extreme pride in what he does. He motivates you to push your limits and it's comforting because he's always there to guide you and give you that extra push. His programs have different phases that increases intensity so your workout routine is never the same. He pushed me so hard today my boxers ripped doing squats. They ripped so bad it looked like a plaid mini skirt by the time I was about to hop in the shower. It was worth it though and looking forward to ripping more.
  • Jr Z.

    Jr Z.

    Mike is an honest guy who truly truly wants the best for his clients, and knows how to help them achieve their goals.  He is very knowledgeable and can create a work-out that is both fitness and therapy oriented.  Months of Physical therapy couldn't do what 1 month with Mike did, BRING MY KNEE BACK TO NORMAL! No more pain going up and down stairs! After 3+ years of living with pain, Mike was able to help me when doctors couldn't.  I owe it to Mike and to the good reviewers who caught my attention.  I am here paying it forward with this review.  Go see Mike, do what he tells you, you'll be happy!
  • Gabriel P.

    Gabriel P.

    I started training with Mike in August 2017. When we met for our first training session, he took my body measurements, went over my goals and gave me tips and advice on nutrition. At the time I was 24% body fat, 5'11'' and 178 pounds. My goal was to gain muscle mass and get down to 10% body fat.

    After 11 months of training with Mike, 3-4 times per week, and with strict nutrition, I got down to 7% body fat and increased my muscle mass by over 10 pounds. At age 37, I am in the best shape of my life and owe a big part of it to Mike's training. Being this fit has changed my life.

    What makes Mike a great personal trainer is that he makes a genuine effort to make a connection with you, and treats you like a friend as opposed to a client. He is very personable, friendly and has a very positive attitude. These qualities make training with Mike a very positive and enjoyable experience.

    I highly recommend Mike as a personal trainer to anyone, no matter what fitness level you are currently at.
  • Ino C.

    Ino C.

    Mike is a superb trainer. He means business and pushes you to your limits, which is exactly what I need. He blew me away with the free intro class. Most other fitness trainers just give you a perfunctory treatment without even getting to know you in detail to give you the right prescription. Mike sat down with me and interviewed me in great depth and gave me an intense workout. He even gave me awesome recommendations and it was only a free trial class! This reassured me that he cares for his clients and is in it for their health and not just for the money. I'm on my second month with him and absolutely loved it! He gives you a customized nutrition plan, does your body measurements, and lay out your fitness plan. I always walk away about to faint but I feel so great and amazing. I look forward to his workout every time and I can already feel the difference. I'm feeling stronger, healthier, and a lot happier about myself! Strongly recommended!
  • Brandi R.

    Brandi R.

    I started training with Mike around two years ago... I had zero strength and little to no endurance. After two short months, 3x a week everything changed! I was squatting my own weight and curling dumbbells that two months prior I could barely lift. Mike gave me all the tools necessary in order to succeed. He kept/keeps me motivated, set realistic goals for me to achieve, changed my eating habits drastically, and encouraged me to push harder. I have worked with other trainers in the past, but Mike is by far the best! Thank you so much Mike S!
  • Michelle P.

    Michelle P.

    Oh man this review is long overdue!! I found Mike through a Groupon ad (6 training sessions and dietary consultation). So I decided to give him a try. It took a minute to get squeezed in for the first session but once I got in, I was able to schedule follow ups immediately.

    Mike's first consultation/ assessment was very impressive and it drew me in right away. He got baseline measurements with a machine using percentages, numbers and statistics. Mike also observed my limitations through different timed work outs. I've had one personal trainer in the past to compare from earlier this year, and this past trainer did go through as much detail, and did not observe my weak muscle groups as much as Mike did. The first "assessment" kicked my ass. I've never been so sore in my life. And I almost fell a few times just walking up curbs!! No joke!!

    Mike still owes me a dietary consultation, a final assessment and some homework!! Haha!! All jokes aside, I got such a great deal on Group on that it doesn't matter. And after 6 short sessions, I actually ended up losing 8 lbs! I physically felt stronger. And really gained insight on my physical state. He really helped me jump start a healthier lifestyle.

    He is a super down to earth, relatable guy which makes sessions go by faster! And the workouts were always fun and motivating. Even asking me what I ate during the day...keeping me accountable...even asking for pictures lol.

    The facility is very clean and there's a lot of equipment/ space.

    Super professional, passionate about his work and knowledgeable. He always educated me on what/ and why we were doing certain workouts, graded exercises so I could finish, and even stretched me before/ after if I was sore.

    In the end, I didn't end up joining because I felt like he had given me the tools to start working out on my own. And it was also out of my budget. But I know who to come to if I ever need a tune up on my exercise routine! I would highly recommend Mike. 5 stars!! Really thanks Mike for making a difference in Yu health game!!
  • Laurent N.

    Laurent N.

    I am so lucky to live close to MFitness. I have tried other gyms in my neighborhood, and Mfitness is hands down the best place around to workout with a personal trainer.
    The facility is always clean, including the spacious bathrooms, weights are neatly organized,  the equipment is plentiful and well maintained, parking is never an issue.
    It's also never obnoxiously busy and it's air-conditioned.

    Mike is my personal trainer there. A great coach and a great guy. Not only a fitness pro, but a friendly guy attentive, considerate, with the eyes on your fitness goals.
    Mike's help extends online. He set-up my account on this awesome website through which we can communicate and both keep track of my exercise progress, food intake, plan my fitness goals, etc. It also includes exercise videos, it's really  cool.
    At Mfitness, I see people of ages, shapes, sizes and physical conditions. So if you're serious about getting in shape with a personal trainer, you should definitely try this this place.
  • stephani l.

    stephani l.

    I have recently started my fitness journey with Mike, having seen other trainers in the past I have to say he is one of thee most professional trainers I've had! He sets the bar high but does not over over do it and push me to a breaking point! I thoroughly enjoy waking up and going to my sessions and I leave feeling better than when I walked in! I'm excited to see what I will look like by summer time! He also has me on his meal prep service and nutrition plan I follow closely on his app! I'm telling you he is on it and very professional! Thanks Mike!
  • Elizabeth G.

    Elizabeth G.

    If you're looking for an experienced knowledgable  trainer contact Mike!!!  I've been training with him for 6 months now and my results are amazing!!!! His programs and meal plans are tailored to each client and their specific needs!!!  His workouts are killer but you will feel amazing after!!!
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