MFITNESS offers Private Small Group training of up to four people. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t fit fitness into your life. Training in small groups provides motivation, accountability, and competitiveness all comprising of a 55-minute workout that is fun, intense & will have you be asking for more.


    MFITNESS Group Programs

    We recommend between 2-4 sessions per week


    6-Session Package

    Also known as the ‘Introductory training’, this program will get the blood pumping, provide a boost in energy and start building fitness blocks for long-term exercise adherence.
    (2 – 4 people priced per person)


    12-Session Package

    By creating regular movement in our lives, we learn to live in and through our bodies. With the ‘Measure’ Program, your group will gain a full range of movement and achieve the fitness goal your group is seeking a bit quicker.
    (2 – 4 people priced per person)


    36-Session Package

    Designed for groups that has some serious fitness goals that are going to take more time to get there…but fear not, we will get you there & your group will MASTER IT! Train with us 3-4 times a week, and your group will be transformed in 12 weeks. Includes personalized Nutrition Plan and Online Coaching.
    (2 – 4 people priced per person)