Fitness is much more than just lifting weights, logging an hour at the gym or just simply going on a diet. At MFITNESS, we apspire to MOVE your body, MEASURE your strength, and MASTER your abilities.

Be the pillar of support to help YOU see change.

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is a choice here at MFITNESS this is what we stand by.

Owned by Personal Trainer, Mike Salcido, MFITNESS was born out of pure love of exercise, healthy living and eating. Mike’s passion for fitness inspired him to become a wellness coach and change the lives of many. With over 12 years of training, Mike uses his vast knowledge and experience to design some of the most creative and effective training sessions.

As an ACE and NASM Certified trainer, Mike understands the challenges clients may face when seeking to accomplish their fitness goals. By combining motivation as well as some unique tools & methods, clients can expect commitment & accountability in successfully getting results. Whether you want to lose body fat and tone your body, build serious muscle, or recover from injury — Mike will help you do it.

Mike is known for his patience in working with clients and also pushes them to excel beyond their limits.

About the Owner

Mike has been in the Fitness industry for over 12 years and is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified trainer. While training clients he brings a unique method along with a specialized skill set to challenge his clients and push them to their best ability to achieve the results they want.

Mike has always been into fitness even as a young man, he has pushed for a strong physique in turn living a healthy lifestyle. Seeing each client reach their goal whether it be toning up muscle, weight loss, building muscle, or recovering from an injury is what keeps him motivated. He can help you achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself no matter the challenge.

Private Studio

Pasadena Strength & Conditioning (PSC) is the leading private training facility in the Pasadena area. The owner Patrick Caudle has created an environment that no other private gym in Pasadena area offer including the combined space, affordability and visibility.

With a combined 17,000 sq. ft of space, PSC is the largest private training facility in the Pasadena area and its surrounding cities. All of our locations are conveniently located near the 210 freeway. In addition to personal training, we provide boot camp and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.

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